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Changes to shipping rates

2022: Unfortunately, our courier has increased the shipping rates again, whilst we have absorbed the rise over the past year we can no longer afford to keep making a loss on shipping and have had to increase our rates in line with Fedex. This is mainly due to the rise in wholesale diesel and petrol prices. We hope that this charge won't be forever and when the rate drops we can then reduce our prices and pass on the reductions back to you.

The supply chain and delivery companies are already under severe pressure so we have decided to try and ease the pressure we are shipping our hampers when we can get confirmation that someone will be in to accept delivery to help minimise delay and damage to them. We will contact you to ask for a delivery day between Tuesday and Friday when someone is going to be in to accept delivery and aim to get orders delivered on the first attempt (Bank holidays we will ship on Tuesdays to Thursdays only) . Please let us have the contact details if your order is going to someone else at a different address to you. Thank you for your understanding.


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