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Chilli Lovers Jelly

Our range of Chilli jellies is vegan & coeliac friendly and is a versatile condiment designed to be used in every day cooking as well as like a chutney. They are made with no preservatives or additives Eat it cold from the jar with your favourite cheeses, fish, meats & dips with raw vegetables or cook with it. Use as a baste, marinade or add to soups, sauces and gravies. There are 5 flavours to try : Original Chilli, Mint & Chilli, Shallot and Coriander Chilli, Ginger & Lime chilli and Roasted red pepper & chill.

Available on the website under ' Chilli lovers' tab on the Shop button or click here

Try with new potatoes or with roast lamb

Here are some suggestions on how to use them;

Try Mint Chilli jelly with new potatoes or with roast lamb.

Original Chilli Jelly - use as a glaze on BBQs or as a relish with raw vegetables, meats or fish.

Shallot & Coriander Chilli Jelly use instead of butter over steamed vegetables, Stir in to cooked rice or pasta & stir fry. Use as a glaze or marinade.

Ginger & lime Chilli , Excellent in Asian recipes, marinade pork before grilling or stir frying.

Roast Red Pepper & Chilli Sweet delicate flavour with a lovely warm hit- goes well with Manchego cheese & iberico ham. Stir in to Italian tomato dishes for an extra kick.

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