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Sussex Condiment develop a wonderful range of delightful sauces, mustards and salad dressings to suit different tastes and to compliment World food dishes. They've grown into a blossoming producer and manufacturer of a range of successul condiment products. All of their condiments are manufactured in small batches, ensuring that each and every one of our end consumers has the freshest product available, meeting our own exacting standards.


Chilli Lovers chilli jellies are  designed to be used in a variety of ways to make them more versatile

           - use like a sauce, glaze, cooking ingredient or marinade. 

           - eat it straight from the jar with cheese or cheese on toast

           - stir–fry with it: Add as a last minute ingredient for stir- fry recipes such as pasta, vegetables or prawns.

           -top off burgers or pizzas with it  as a tasty relish 

           - marinade with it: use as a Marinade/glaze for BBQs. 

If you would like to re-order any items please email us and we can arrange the postage and packing at a reduced charge than shown on check-out. Made from natural ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians, Vegans and Coeliacs




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