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Our logo was inspired by the rescue Chickens we re-homed 3 years ago via The British Hen Welfare Trust. A charity that collects chickens after they become 'uneconomical' to poultry farmers. There are re-homing sites up and down the country and regular collection days. We decided to re-home 3 and it was pandimonium to start with - they were scared, wary and wouldn't go to bed or come out, the mess was baffling from such little things. But they soon settled down until one day we were visited by the fox who dined on two and left just one behind. She never missed the other 2, we think, because she was the lowest in the pecking order. She was jettisoned to the top of the coop and made the most of having the nesting box to herself. She didn't have to wait her turn to eat and had full roaming rights to the garden. She grew bold and big and her feathers fluffed out to the point when she ran she looked like a pterodactyl with plus fours! She was great fun and chatted away and sat under your chair if you were outside having a cheeky kip. She was always pleased to see you when you popped out and loved it when we were gardening hunting for bugs. If you are interested in re-homing then check out the British Hen welfare trust website, it has lots of useful information you will need

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