Lavendar Jelly Recipe

If you have so much lavedar and you don't know what to do with it then try this recipe - produces a lovely fragrant jelly you can use with ice cream and crepes or with lamb dishes.

1.8kg of Bramley apples cored and chopped up (leave the skin on)

10 lavendar flowers

3-4 Blackberries

Put them all in to a pan and slowly simmer till the apples are soft and reduced to a pulp- pop the contents in to a jelly bag and leave for 12 hours - do not be tempted to squeeze the bag or you will have a cloudy set. Measure the resulting Juice and for every 600ml of juice add 450g of sugar. Mix these together and bring to the boil slowly until you reach the setting point. pot and leave to cool and voila - a wonderful summer addition to your repertoire. Enjoy!

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